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Improve Customer Engagement With Digital Loyalty Schemes

Understand your customer’s needs, drive deeper and richer customer engagement, and grow your revenue

The Problem

In today’s uncertain world, customer behaviour and expectations towards product and service providers have changed radically.

MatchMove Solution

Today’s customers want easy, painless, and contactless solutions that keep them engaged with your brand. Our solution is the creation of customizable virtual loyalty cards, where customers simply download your app, after which you issue them virtual cards, which they can use for online purchases. Customers can also add the virtual card to e-wallets such as Apple Pay and Google Pay. They can spend and earn points to redeem perks, view balances, perform top-ups, and other transactions. Solidify your brand presence with a physical loyalty card connected with a virtual account.

Key Benefits

A Fast And Efficient Way To Create Loyalty Programs

Digitize your loyalty programs through secure digital wallets and virtual and physical cards.

Provide A Better User Experience

Digital wallets and open loop cards provide a more frictionless payment solution.

Know Your Customers Better

Real-time analytics of customers’ spend and send patterns leads to deeper, richer customer loyalty and repeat engagement.

Make More Money

Monetize your customer base in new ways — every time your customers spend, send or lend, you can make money on every transaction.

Use Case


Issue own stored value card


  • No system integration required
  • Online and offline loyalty rewards
  • Own stored value card issuance